CHUMS Mission, History, and Dedication

CHUMS stands for Children’s Hope for Understanding Multiple Sclerosis and was founded in 1993 by Sue Rehmus at the age of 22.

CHUMS operated from 1993 through 2016. While CHUMS received federal non-profit status (501(c)(3)), it operated more as a program that partnered with established MS organizations like the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America and the MS Society. CHUMS focused solely on supporting a child’s need to understand MS.

The mission of CHUMS was to give children, whose lives are affected by MS, the hope, resources, knowledge, support, and skills to effectively cope with the disease as part of their life.

CHUMS was dedicated to the memory of Philip Rehmus, the father of CHUMS Founder, Sue Rehmus. Phil had MS for 27 years and died at the tender age of 50. He touched many lives with his amazing courage, triumphant spirit, and relentless smile. CHUMS was also dedicated to Sue’s mom, Patricia, who taught Sue about commitment, promises, sacrifice, family, and love by living it every day of her 28-year marriage with Phil.